Experienced massage therapists provide a variety of treatments to better serve your individual needs.

Aroma Therapy - 30 Min $35 | 1 Hour $60
Blended essential oil that enhances the body functions of the internal organs.

Swedish  - 30 Min $35 | 1 Hour $60
Relief tension and stress with gentle soothing touch or firmer strokes to induce relaxation.

Deep Tissue - 30 Min $40 | 1 Hour $70
Focuses on trigger points that cause pain, increase circulation and ease sore muscles.

Therapeutic Massage - 30 Min $40 | 1 Hour $70
Using various modalities and pressure in specific muscle group or zone.

Hot Stones - 1 hour $90
Ancient healing traditions, massaged with smooth hot stones to help stretch muscles. Experience the energy exchange between the stones and the tension in your body. Effective in creating harmony, positive energy flow, promoting sense of balance.

Pregnancy Massage - 30 Min $40 | 1 Hour $70
Alleviates some of the discomfort associated with pregnancy. We do not offer massages on expectant mothers during the 1st trimester.  A doctor release note is required for expectant mothers past the 1st trimester for any massage services. Call us for further details.

Chair Massage - $1 per Minute

Spa Massage

Foot Massage